The most popular and popular, in the field of workwear, sports and leisure wear, is still the heat-sealed vinyl intaglio print; this type of print allows us to apply them on various types of material as well as in different areas of the garment. They are usually reproduced in a single-color version, but it is also possible to make them in different overlapping colors (max. 3-4 colors). Unfortunately, this printing technique, does not allow the reproduction of any required image (e.g., photographs or images with shades, etc.). In cases such as these, digital printing on thermo-transferable plastic substrate is used.

For some technical materials such as polyester, which lately finds varied use in sportswear, there is, and is recommended, a printing technique called sublimation or sublimation printing that is applied directly to the garments by means of hot presses.

For the production of large quantities (e.g., t-shirts), screen printing is recommended. This process involves the creation of a special frame that allows the size and positions of the prints on each garment to remain unchanged. Single-color screen prints are also usually made for economic reasons.

Direct-to-fabric printing or digital screen printing is the latest technique for producing customized cotton T-shirts. It is possible to make it in small and large formats on both light and colored fabrics, even dark (e.g., black). Obviously, acting as a drawing sheet, the most suitable, to be used with this technique, is the white-colored t-shirt that guarantees the originality of colors as well as the qualitatively better result.


Another method for customizing clothing dedicated to work, sports and leisure is embroidery and embroidered patches. Usually, these techniques, are used on the heaviest and most substantial garments (e.g., polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.) and, almost never, on t-shirts and light garments. The end result is always guaranteed quality and durability in terms of wear. Considering, however, that in addition to the cost of making the individual embroidery or embroidered patch, it is necessary to make a plant that allows such processing at an additional cost, they are recommended for discrete numbers of pieces so as to spread the costs (e.g., min. 20-30 pieces).

portachiavi in silicone

Possibility of making silicone patches to be applied to specific clothing (technical jackets, soft-shells, etc.) or accessories (bags, briefcases, umbrellas, etc.) and key rings, badge holders and zipper pulls, also made of rubbery material. Minimum quantity required 200 pcs and slightly longer lead time.


Production in large and small quantities (even a single piece) of leather or other material belts and handcrafted bags. New for 2020: customized protective masks.


Resale service of stickers, labels, stamps, nameplates, flyers, business cards, letterheads, pens, usb flash drives, etc. for business promotion and more.


Personalization of work clothes of all kinds (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps and more). Customization in Direct Print, Vinyl and Embroidery. Contact us for information.