SPILLE DI COTONE, since 2008, has been producing and selling promotional clothing and accessories for work, sports and leisure.

Offers the possibility of customizing items with the use of various processing techniques such as printing and embroidery.

It guarantees quality and convenience through continuous research of innovative products and technologies, making its experience gained over the years available to all customers, both individuals and companies.


Over 10 years of experience at your service.

Clothing Customization - 12 years
Graphics and Design - 10 years
Photography - 8 years
Mass production - 6 years


Alcuni motivi per scegliere la nostra azienda.

  • Availability and courtesy.
  • Ideas and imagination.
  • Experience.
  • Price and quality.
  • Speed of execution.

Solutions for everyone

We always find the most suitable solution for every kind of request.


Possibility of nationwide shipping and home delivery for the city of Turin.

Advertising and success

Our customers are usually the source of our success and the main channel of publicity.

On-time delivery

On-time delivery of work is always guaranteed.