Is it possible to receive pricing guidance by phone ?

YES, if they are individual products for sale or items without customization.

NO, as it would be instantly difficult to calculate, if, in addition to the products, processing (printing and/or embroidery) is requested.

In this case ? always recommended to send a written request by e-mail.

How can a quote be requested and what information is needed ?

It is possible to receive another offer directly from the site using the request a quote function on the product pages. Or, by sending a written request to the e-mail address: , indicating the type of product you are interested in, the quantities and characteristics (colors and sizes so that you can check their immediate availability in stock), as well as providing the images and logos to be used for any product customization.

The more indications and details provided, the more accurate the quote will be.

How should the images be and in what format are logo files required to be reproduced on garments ?

As for prints, of course, the better the quality of the image provided, the higher the resolution of the personalization on the garment.

For logos, on the other hand, if available, so-called vector files (images that can be infinitely enlarged without losing quality and definition) are requested.

Regarding embroidery and embroidered patches, it is not essential to provide the vector files since, the images provided, will only serve to generate the implants, which are necessary for the realization of the embroideries and patches.

If you do not have an image in vector format ? Is it still possible to customize the products?

YES, it is still possible to customize the products with the various processes (prints and embroidery); of course, if vector or high-resolution images are not available, a graphic intervention is required in order to be able to make them at an additional cost, which is usually calculated according to the time and difficulty of execution.

If I were to make custom clothing or accessories, do you supply the items or can I bring them ?

We usually provide the clothing and accessories complete with customization (prints and embroidery); otherwise, only customization can be provided on customer-supplied clothing and accessories only after prior analysis.

Is it possible to buy products without customization ?

Certainly YES, we can supply only the garments and accessories (shoppers, caps, bags, umbrellas, etc.) without any processing.

Can the purchased materials be shipped or should they be picked up exclusively at your Turin location ?

The material can be shipped nationwide at an additional cost that varies depending on the quantity and size of the packages to be shipped, as well as the place of destination.

Obviously, for residents of Turin and its province, both hand pickup at our headquarters and transport by courier (again with appropriate additional costs) are possible.


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